Cartridge Heaters

Cartridge Heaters Manufactured by Krishna Heating are suitable for many diverse applications. High Density Cartridge Heaters are designed and manufactured out of experience of many years, thus the performance and life expectancy supersedes other cartridge heaters. Low watt density cartridge heaters are an economical alternative that can be used in applications requiring lower operating temperature and watt densities.

High Density Cartridge Heaters:

We manufacture our high density cartridge heaters using only high quality material, which guarantees that they operate even under extreme conditions. We customize our heating elements to suit your individual needs i.e. for easier installation, special power distribution & individual connections.

  • High purity magnesium oxide fill selected for maximum die electric strength and thermal conductivity, highly compacted for maximum heat transfer.
  • Nickel- chromium resistance wire for maximum heater life, evenly wound for even heat distribution.
  • SS304 sheath for oxidation resistance in a wide variety of environments. SS316 and Incoloy are also available.
  • High temperatures lead wires.
  • Available with inbuilt thermocouple.
  • Plastic Extruders.
  • Plastic Mouldings.
  • Hot Runner Moulds.
  • Medical & Laboratory Apparatus.
  • Marketing & Scaling Machinery.

Low watt density Cartridge Heaters:

Krishna low density cartridge heaters are developed for heating applications not requiring high watt densities nor sheath temperatures exceeding 300 c with maximum watt densities of 40 & 50 watts per square inch depending on the applications and sizes. The heaters of various sheath diameters can be used in any assembly equipment of machine.
The heater design consists of helically wound resistance coil made from nickel chrome wire, evenly stretched and strong through holes in a round ceramic insulator. The element assembly is inserted into a chrome nickel steel sheath. This alloy provides the best combination of physical strength and resistance to heat oxidation.
Specially selected grain size and high purity magnesium oxide is used to fill all remaining space inside the ceramic insulator to increase thermal conductivity, die electric strength, and provide longer operating life.
  • Packaging Machinery.
  • Labelling Machines.
  • Plastic Injection.
  • Shoe Machinery.
  • Heat sealing.
  • Hot stumping.

Tubular / Finned Tubular Heater

Tubular heaters are known for their effective functioning in the electrical and the process industry. Our Tubular heaters are specifically designed for direct contact heating of water, oils, viscous liquids, solvents, Process solution, Storage heaters and more. They can be designed in a wide range of electrical rating, diameters, lengths, terminations, and Sheath materials.
We are a leading supplier & manufacturer of Tubular and Finned Tubular Heaters from Delhi NCR, India. At Krishna heater, these Industrial Tubular and Finned Tubular Heatersare manufactured with highest quality. In addition to this, these Industrial Tubular Heaters are also covered with S.S and M.S finns for different industrial heating applications.

Standard Features :

  • Unlimited designed possibilities offered by Tubular Heaters.
  • Available in different sizes of tube diameter. 1/4″, 3/8″, ½” & ¾”.
  • Variety of terminal options shapes and sizes.
  • Straight and formed Tubular type.
  • U-shaped and M-shape Tubular Heaters.
  • Finned type tubular Heaters.
  • Flanged Tabular Heaters for Water, Oil, Air etc.
  • Customized Tubular Heaters (As per requirements specification )
  • Available in different sheath materials, Incoloy 800, Inconel 600, SS304, SS321, SS316, SS310, Copper, Titanium etc.

Applications :

  • Plastic Processing Machinery.
  • Water & Oil Heating Appliances.
  • Packaging machinery.
  • Engineering Industry.
  • Shoe making machines.
  • Hob Runner Mould Systems.
  • Dies & Manifolds.
  • Immersion Heating.
  • Ovens.

Ceramic Band Heaters

Ceramic band heaters are used for application where there is a need to apply heat to a cylindrical surface, are best suited for applications up to 1500°f band operating temperatures, ceramic band heaters are used for pipe heating, extruder machines, plastics extrusion, blow molders, extrusion barrels, blown film and injection molding, injection molding applications.

Band Ceramic Saving Heaters:

We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of Power Saving Ceramic Band Heaters. Manufactured using high grade raw material, these heaters can accept temperature up to 1400F. High performance, sturdiness and energy saving features make these heaters appreciable among the clients. We offer these products at market leading rates.

Ceramic Band Heaters are also made in perforated sheathing for the purpose of air-cooled application. They are covered with insulated jacket so as to save energy. We are called upon as one of the major Ceramic Heaters Manufacturers from Delhi NCR, India.

Standard Features:
  • Stainless steel sheath Resists rust and high temperatures, And provides firm mechanical support. Easily wraps around barrel due to fluted construction.
  • Thermal insulation inch of ceramic fiber prevents heat loss, thereby lowering energy costs.
  • Ceramic coil supports Designed for their dielectric and thermo-conductive characteristics, the interlocked provides flexibility so band wraps easily around barrel.
  • Nickel-chrome heating coil Precision wound, helical construction Gives extended service. A heavier weight than found in mica or other conventional heaters.
  • Fully Flexible for easy Installation.

Immersion Heaters

Alkaline Heaters

We are considered as one of the leading Alkaline Electric Heaters Manufacturers from India. We present finest qualityAlkaline Heaters that are made using titanium sheathing and s S.S-304 and S.S-316 for heating alkaline cleaning solutions. These alkaline electric heaters are also covered with lead pipe in order to heat electric plating s baths and. Chrome. Finding different uses, Lead Alkaline Heaters offered are used in various industries. In addition to this, we provide availability of heaters in different specifications as per the requirements of esteemed customers.

Tubular heaters, manufactured from a special grade of Chrome Nickel Steel tube to withstand corrosion. Brazed to a C.I. junction box that can rest on the wall of the tank. Extremely easy to remove and clean.

  • Most Alkaline cleaning solutions, detergents and chemicals normally corrosive to Mild Steel.

Mica Strip Heaters

We offer finest quality Strip Finned Heaters that are utilized for heating smooth as well as flat surface. Available in different materials such as M.S, S.S sheathing and brass, these Strip Heaters are insulated with mica and ceramic. Used in number of industries, strip heaters are covered with finned for better transmission of heated air in application such as blower units, ovens, dryers, forced air ducts and so on. We provide easy availability of Strip Finned Heaters and at affordable prices. We are regarded as one of the most prominent Ceramic Strip Heaters Manufacturers In India.

  • Duct heating
  • Ovens
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Space heating
  • Drying Processes

Strip Finned Heaters

Porcelain Heaters

Porcelain Heaters are manufactured from high temperature bearing insulators. The Porcelain Heaters manufactured are used in various industries. The Antique Porcelain Heater contains elements that are exposed partially in air for better transmission of heat. Porcelain Heater is extensively used in ovens, tanks where draining cannot be done to change the heaters. The Porcelain Heaters offered by us are known for their high precision, performance and durability. Krishna Heater is called upon as one of the most eminent Porcelain Heater MANUFACTURERS AND SUPPLIERS from India.

Applications of Porcelain Heaters
  • In water, oil, foodstuff.
  • Alkaline solutions.
  • Anodizing and plating baths.
  • Lead Bonded heaters are used in phosphoric acid, chromic acid.
  • Titanium heaters are used in Alkaline solutions.

  • Operating Voltage: 230 V AC to 440V AC
  • Element Diameters:
  • Min: 25mm
  • Max: 63mm
  • Wattage max up to: 9KW
  • It’s not necessary to empty the vessel while doing the maintenance on heater.
  • Suitable for horizontal / Vertical; operation.
  • Flanged or integral part of the system or Screw plug option.
  • Other Specs, optional as per customer requirement.

Manifold Heaters

Hot runner manifold heaters designed and manufactured for superior performance and life expectancy to withstand high sheath temperature and provide best combination of physical strength, high emissivity and good thermal conductivity to heat hot runner manifolds.

Standards Features :
  • Precise forming of the heaters is required for it to fit properly into the milled slot in the mould. To ensure this fit, we normally use a template as an inspection of the milled slot in aluminum or MS plate, customer supplied or manufactured by Krishna Heater.
  • Available in chrome nickel steel.
  • Sealed edges to prevent from moisture.
  • Superior grade magnesium oxide insulation.
  • Swaged for good electrical insulation & heat transfer.

Hot Runner Coil Heaters

Manufactures high Quality Coil Heaters that ensure the best with respect to safety and performance. A coil heater owes it importance top his great versatility the possibility to reach high working temperatures in small spaces allows to support the most difficult needs.
Coil heaters are an advance concept of thermal engineering which has a construction similar to high watt density cartridge heaters. The basic construction of these heaters consists of compacted MGO, high temperature resistance wire and chrome nickel steel tube. These heaters can be constructed with or without built in thermocouples. They are widely used on hot runner nozzles and manifolds, die cast nozzles, packaging machines etc.
  • Widely used in extrudes, laminating equipment, injection moulding, vaccum forming, extrusion die heads, compression moulding, blow moulding, heat sealers, food processing, laboratory equipment and etc.
  • Variety of shapes & sizes.
  • X-Ray technique to check for pososty free casting and proper heater location.
  • Exceptionally long life.
  • High thermal conductivity, Providing extremely uniform temperature over the whole of the heated surfaces.
  • The high thermal conductivity eliminates any hot or cold spots that may occur with other forms of heating.
  • Injection molding machines.
  • Plastic extruders.
  • Food industry.
  • Blow-mounding machines.
  • Container pipe and tank heating.
  • Pharmaceutical industry.
Standards Features :
  • Stainless steel terminal box offers excellent protection to terminals.
  • Particularly suited to heat the Dies & Moulds, and also heat the cylinders.
  • Max watt density upto 25 watt/sq. inch.
  • Inner covering of brass which is rust proof & can bear the heat, physical strength, power of emitting & good thermal conductivity to heat the cylindrical parts.
  • Normally we use lead wire in copper, insulated fiber glass.
  • Available with thermocouple & cutout holes.
  • Flexible in one or two pieces.
  • Available in common square, rectangular and hex-shaped.
  • Small orders accepted.
  • Durable and long lasting.
  • Available as per applications.
  • Made of using quality raw material.

Thermo-Couple Heater

Air Heater

Tank Heater